A tradition of sorts

Since I have done this shot 2 times before I thought I would do it again now that Simon is a year old. It was a lot harder this time as Simon is so much more mobile and doesn't like to stay put when I get to hit the timer on the camera.  I really need a remote for doing this type of thing.

Anyway here we are again one year later, still doing massages (though not nearly as frequently) and Myles playing the guitar. Simon likes to "help" him play which is really just grabbing the sings. So I have to massage him or all we hear is dampened strings.






I apologize again for not blogging more but it's been a busy few weeks for us. Simon came down with a cold a little over a week ago and it settled into his chest. Not a big deal he was just coughing a little bit. I had the same cold and it was just like he couldn't clear the mucus out of his chest because he is to little to know how to really cough it up. On Tuesday he had his well child check and the pediatrician listened to his lungs and said it was just a cold but to call her if the cough got worse. She also noted that he has dropped from the 10th percentile for weight to the 3rd. So I am supposed to be fattening him up.  For the record he is 31 inches tall and 18 lbs 6 oz. (that's 85th percentile for height). He needs to gain a little over a pound to get back up to the 10th percentile for weight. That doesn't seem like much (3600 calories) but considering that he maybe eats 100 calories max in one sitting it could take awhile to feed him the additional 3600. Dr. Kelly suggested that I give him 1/4 cup of full full fat yogurt every day and plenty of avocados, cheese, and nut butters and tahani. I know the current school of thought is to not give babies peanuts or nuts until 2 or 3 years of age but this recommendation is changing and if you don't believe me check out this study. Elle also helped us on this front a few months ago by sharing her peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Simon so we already knew he wasn't allergic to peanuts.  At any rate I am now dutiful spreading peanut butter between slices of banana and trying to convince him to eat avocado (he used to love it but for the time being has decided he doesn't like it). He doesn't like yogurt at all even the commercial very sweet stuff. But I finally got him to eat some pain yogurt sweetened with molasses.

His cough didn't get worse but he did develop a 102 fever. He started doing this really weird breathing where he was sort of panting.  So being a typical first time mom I freaked out and took him back to the Dr. (two Dr. visits in one week!). I was afraid that he had pneumonia or some sort of infection in his lungs but nope he was fine – just a virus causing the fever. She listened to his lungs and looked into his ears – all fine. He had the fever on and off for about 3 days and now he is almost 100% better. This is the first time that he has really been sick and he was really clingy and totally lost his appetite. We are leaving for Florida on Thursday for some sun and relaxation and I am really glad to get this all over with before our trip.

So that's the heath report!

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  1. Kay Weaver

    I love the photo of Simon lying on you and both of you smiling. I’m glad Myles is able to still play for Simon even if Simon does want to help “play” sometimes.

  2. Oh man…I hate it when the kids are sick. I keep praying that the boys don’t get what I’ve had over the last 6 days…pooh. I gave Andrew peanut butter around a year and he was fine. I know they worry about allergies, but then I think…what about before they knew anything? I mean, who knows what I had to eat and I turned out ok. BTW…if you want a really simple project to do for Simon, you have got to check out making felt food. I just made Andrew a sushi (pic on my blog) and I’m so addicted!

  3. Hope you share some pictures of Florida with us!
    So sorry you’re sick Simon!
    Have a great vacation!
    Miss Lila in Atlanta