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Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving with Myles’s family this year. Grandma and Grandpa Brown have been visiting and we along with Myles’s Aunt, Uncle and Cousins had dinner at his Grandparents house. We had a very relaxing day – me especially since I didn’t have to do anything. Myles made our contribution to the meal – sweet potatoes. Instead of using the traditional marshmallows on top he made it with caramelized apples and it was amazing. I think it may become a new family standard. Afterwords we played games, visited, and sang songs. All around it was a great day!

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  1. virginia greenway

    thank you Emily

  2. Hey, did I make the hat Talia is wearing? It looks like the one I made for your friend a while back. Great Thanksgiving pics!

  3. Amy McCavour

    Is that a Froese in the group picture on the right, in glasses? He sure looks like a relative of mine!

  4. Amy McCavour

    Wow! I always find it amazing the connections that are out there, but then, there are a lot of Froese’s! Stan’s dad would be a sister to my grandma! My brother and parents now live in M.L., so see a lot more of S and M, at least at the dental office 🙂

  5. Amy McCavour

    Oh, wait, I am thinking of the wrong Froese! That would be Gordon, right? Well, Marianne was a counseler in a cabin I stayed in at Lassen Pines in 1990, and her husband is my grandma’s nephew. I just can’t keep them all straight!