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my breakfast boys

almost every Saturday Myles and Simon make breakfast for us. Usually pancakes in the style of Jim’s pancakes (http://www.jimspancakes.com/)  and they have gotten quite creative with them. I usually post iphone photos of those on facebook but someday I will document it with my real camera. I love that Myles really involves Simon and has gotten him interested in cooking. I also love that Myles has gotten so interested in cooking. Myles has always loved to experiment in the kitchen but when we first got married that usually meant no recipe or cook books involved so we ate some really interesting things like Vanilla mushrooms (and that’s another blog post entirely). Eventually Myles learned the wisdom in following a recipe but sometimes his urge to experiment is still uncontrolled. This morning I got out of the shower and found Myles making Ina Garten popovers (using the recipe! – I only mention this because a few weeks ago Myles made popovers and didn’t follow a recipe and since he added a ton of banana puree to the batter and of course they didn’t pop, however, I have to give him credit because they still tasted great). I thought Simon pouring and mixing was so cute and my camera was right there so I took some photos.

and yes, Simon is still wearing the same clothes he was in the night before in these photos because he fell asleep in them on the car ride home.

unfortunately I only took a picture of the funny popovers, the rest turned out fine but these ones were set on the bottom rack with the top rack too close so they popped up into the rack which left a decorative design on them. (They tasted great)

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I love the holidays and all the free time we get to spend together – yay for a lazy Friday morning!

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One Comment

  1. Kay Weaver

    I love the pictures you get of your guys in action. I’m glad your camera was close because these are special moments to capture.