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one of the best reasons to have another child…

Simon did this on his own impetus. He is so sweet to Talia and really adjusting better than anyone could have hoped for.

The other day Talia was asleep so I quick jumped into the shower. When I turned the water off I could hear her fussing (ugh!) so I was trying to dry off as fast as possible before it escalated. But then she stopped… and then Simon came into the bathroom. I said to him “did Talia stop crying?” and he said “yes, I gave her a hug and a kiss and made her all better” I thought what a sweet boy I have and thanked him. And then at about this point I noticed that he was pulling toilet paper off the roll and wadding it up in his hand and I asked “what are you doing with that” and he said “I’m going to wipe Talia’s goopy eyes!”…

I love that he is such a mom to her but sometimes he takes it too far like the other day when he came into the office and told me “I picked Talia up all by myself!” But most of all I love that they have each other. I can remember as a kid being left with a babysitter or with friends when my parents had to leave town unexpectedly for a funeral, at least I had my brother! we were in it together (even though we often fought) There were lots of times of mutual cooperation and scheming. So I guess having two children has just made me appreciate my brother more. Did you read that Mark! I love you and I’m sorry about the time I put the snowball down your shirt and sat on you until it melted!

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  1. I spent months and months worrying about how our son would handle a baby. Then after our middle arrived, I wondered why I had worried at all! Now our middle son is mobile and the two of them have SO much fun together. They wrestle (most of the time started by the 9 month old!) and talk and do all kinds of great things. I kind of feel like the outsider!