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Joy – the third week of advent

I LOVE this time of year but it really can get crazy, lighting the advent candles is a good way to slow down each night and remember the reason behind all of this. Tonight we lit the third candle, the Joy candle. This week is also known as Gaudet week which means “rejoice” in Latin. In the fourth century Advent was considered a pre-Christmas season of Lent when Christians devoted themselves to prayer and fasting. The third week of Advent corresponds with the third week of Lent during which the fast would be broken. Considering our expanding waist lines maybe it would be good for us to revert back to this way of thinking about Advent. Since Talia’s birth it’s been nothing but cakes and goodies galore around here! But this week it’s official – you can feast and rejoice all you like.

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  1. I love this, Emily! You would be a great home educating mom!