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Talia Eats!

Talia has been carefully studying how we eat and watching intently as we put food into our mouths so we thought that she might be ready to eating herself. She can sit up quite well on her own now but still has no teeth. I sliced up some avocado for her and placed it on her tray.

it took her awhile (because avocado is super slippery) but she did eventually get some in her little fist.

She did not care for it once she got it in her mouth…

(What was that mom!)

We helped her get a few more bites and she just spit them all out. Really this should not be called “Talia Easts” because I don’t think she actually ingested anything so maybe I should have title it “Talia Taste”

Since this we have tried purees and other sliced foods and she just spits everything out. The pediatrician suggested the mesh bag feeders so for the time being that’s what Talia sucks on during dinner with either a piece of banana or avocado. I think she is ingesting some of that but there is also always a lot on her and on the table/tray/chair afterward so one can never be sure. If you want to see photos of Simon eating his first food at this same age and learn why we skip the rice cereal (and why you should too) click here. And for the record Simon is now a great eater, he is very adventurous and especial loves strong cheeses and greens. I have been reading the blog It’s Not About Nutrition and it has really changed the way I think about childhood nutrition and eating. If you have a picky eater I highly recommend that you check it out but know that it will challenge conventions like the “just two more bites” and using dessert as a reward for finishing dinner/cleaning ones plate. But truthfully with 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. being obese I think it’s time that we challenge convention and start establishing healthy eating habits.

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