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Easter 2012

We had a beautiful low key day today. Simon was still under the weather so just Talia and I went to church. As always Talia attempts to undress herself as much as possible during the car ride to church. By the time I got there she had taken off her shoes and forced all 5 of her toes on her left foot through her stocking. I didn’t even think that was possible. I should have taken a photo because it looked so funny.  I just pulled her stocking back together as much as possible and put her shoe back on over top.

My mom had us over for lunch and then the kids got to hunt for eggs in her yard. Talia was really into the hunting. She can’t open the eggs herself but she says “ope – ey!, ope – ey!” Whenever she finds one.

I love you a lot sis! (and she is determining weather or not to screech)




a woman on a mission



he sticks out his tongue like that she he is concentrating hard.
He called his  shirt and tie his “easter dress”
we could not have asked for more beautiful weather. It was gorgeous day and plenty warm enough to be outside with out a jacket. We have not seen weather like that since last August so it’s welcome!

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  1. These are just too cute! Glad you got them
    To cooperate. You did better than I did for sure!

  2. I love these Emily! 🙂 Talia is getting so big 🙂 You make beautiful babies, love their outfits too.

  3. So sweet! Happy Easter to you all!

  4. Diane

    Your Grandpa Oney used to stick his tongue out like that when he was concentrating too.