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dump, pump, pour…

This is currently Simon and Talia’s favorite bath activity. Once again I got the idea from play at home mom.  Simply collect old soap, shampoo, and lotion bottles and fill them with water. Add a drop of food coloring or liquid water color and allow the kids to pour, pump, and dump the water into their bath. I doubt that I will ever throw away an interesting bottle again. My kids LOVE to dump things. I was reminded of this the other night when making muffins with the kids Talia dumped a handful of flower into my glass of wine… This is about giving the kids a positive outlet for all that dumping, pouring, pumping energy. The funnels add a fun twist. Now even I am excited to finish off a few bottles of soap that are *almost* done.


Yes, they are usually IN the bath but I only took this one photo before they went to town.


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One Comment

  1. Kay Weaver

    Really a cute idea and inexpensive. Keep the fun coming!