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cloud dough


This was some fun sensory play that ended up all over my house!

cloud dough – you can find the recipe here but basically it’s oil and flour. It has the most unique texture and it does make you want to squish and mold it. This was the invitation I set up for the kids after there nap.


Simon woke up first and got bussy


then Talia was really interested. I was worried about her falling off the table so I moved it to the floor.


she proceeded to dump fists full of the flour on the floor.


It felt so good Simon wanted to climb in it. Talia had to taste it…


squish squish squish


by the time they were done with it this is what my floors looked like… even after sweeping it up it left a residue all over the floor and I had to mop. So we will do it again but outside next time or over a very very large tarp…


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