Mullet Removal – AKA Simon’s first hair cut

After photographing Simon at the park the other night and getting the photos on my computer an editing them I decided that his hair was just to scraggly and long in the back and needed a trim. So I took him for his first hair cut at one of those children’s salons where they have toys that the kids sit in and videos to keep them occupied. (Bella and Max at Country Village if you are local).  Simon got to sit in the airplane and watch a movie on the TV and eat animal crackers and play with a basket of toys. He was so overstimulated that he barely even noticed that he was getting his hair cut. Ok here are the photos – be prepared for snapshot overload. (and for photographers these were all taken at ISO 800 and you can barely see any grain – I am so excited to be able to shoot in the dark!)

here is the before shot –  you can see how long and scraggly his hair is in the back and over his ears. The top just isn’t keeping up so it needed a little evening out.



Here is the back before


crazy when wet.



who are you… and what are you doing?




Here is the back after – all cleaned up


He looks like such a little boy now!

After you get your hair cut at Bela and Max you get a free train ride on the country village train – which Simon loved. One a side note after the hair cut he kept signing “penguin” – a sign he just learned last week at the zoo. I didn’t know why he was talking about penguins or if he was confusing some other animal with a penguin (he thinks all birds are either ducks or penguins now). It wasn’t until I started editing these photos that I realized where he had seen a penguin – check out the cape he is wearing. Too funny the things that he picks up on!  As of recent Simon has had a sign language explosion and he probably knows close to 50 signs and he is always wanting to know more,  I had to put a sign language dictionary on my phone just to keep up with him.

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  1. sophia

    oh, what a clean-cut young man!

  2. He did SO well!! You never know how that experience will go…screaming or fine:) He looks so cute with the cut! I love that he remembered the penguin and mommy totally did not even see it!

  3. Kay Weaver

    What a neat way to get your hair cut. All in all it seems it was a good experience for Simon and momma. He’s still your baby.

  4. Oh, what a big boy! Great experience, and great memories captured!

  5. My daughter loved to sign and still did it even when she was talking! she knew well over 100 signs by the time she was 15 months! it’s crazy how they pick up on that! it’s fun though! i had the baby signs book and video and it was awesome!! he’s so smart!

  6. Janet Waite

    Wow, he was so GOOD while getting his 1st haircut; what a sweetie! 🙂

  7. These look so cute, and you are a lot ‘braver’ than me- I haven’t been able to take my 19 m.o. for his 1st haircut yet!

  8. Sweet pictures! His hairdresser’s hands are beautiful! I never realised how important that was when taking 1st hair cut picures… now I know for next time a tip for great first haircut pictures!