Simon meets the Mouse


Yes, we took him to Disneyland – He had the time of his life.

Whew – what a week. We just got back from California if you hadn’t guessed by the photos. My good friend Melissa graduated from Loma Linda Medical School and I went down to take some family photos for her. Turns out graduations are an excellent time to catch all of your extended family in one spot. Myles was working in New York but my mom accompanied Simon and me/ kept life with a toddler sane. Since we were in California we tacked on a few days and visited my brother Mark. And since we were already there why not take Simon to Disneyland?  yes, he is a bit young to really ‘get it’ but he did have a very good time. The whole day was filled with “OOOO!!” and “OHHH!!” – He really liked the boat rides the best – probably The Jungle Cruise and Small World were his favorites. But he also thought that Dumbo was pretty fun.


My mom and I had a great time watch Simon have a great time. I have a lot of fond memories from Disneyland during my childhood so it’s fun to see Simon experience the magic too. We picked a good day that wasn’t very crowded and had no trouble getting right on the rides. And as you can see Simon got his first mouse ears. I have tons more photos to get though so more coming soon.

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  1. Kay Weaver

    Yes, I believe this trip to Disneyland was more for Emily but don’t anybody say anything. Simon had a great time and so did grandma.

  2. LOL! we all know the trip was for you emily HA HA!
    I didn’t even go to Disneyland until I was 25 years old! I have been 2x to Disneyland and one time to Disney world….my girls are going to DIsneyworld for the FIRST TIME in june! WE are totally surprising them the day they wake up and see the limo they will know we are going! they are 9 and 7 years old! can’t wait for it! the trip was a birthday present to my husband from his two sweet sisters! lucky US!
    LOVe these pictures!!!!!

  3. Oh, and you got him EARS!!!! Way to go mom/grandma. Gotta get the ears.

    My family lives not too far away from Orlando, so we take the boys to Disney when we go home and yes, they still love it when they are itty-bitty.

  4. just going to say it again…best photo ever. love it. And, i too, have the BEST memories from going and CAN’T wait to take our girls!

  5. AWESOME pic of you guys in the dumbo!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! sooo 8 x 10-able!!!