Melissa – Graduated!

Sorry – I know I promised more photos but life got in the way. We are having some nice weather so who wants to be inside working on the computer?
At any rate. Here is the real reason that we were in Cali. If you are a long time blog reader you will remember my good friend Melissa Skaugset who lived with us last year while she was on rotation at UW. Well last weekend she Graduated from Loma Linda Medical school!! So now she is an official Dr.!!!


I think her husband Eric was a little beyond excited  : ) And he should be, med school was a huge sacrifice and A LOT of work (for both of them).  We did some formal family portraits but then things got a little silly. This is just a sneak peek but I think this is the one that will end up above their fire place don’t you?


I know the whole jump shot thing is a little cliched but who doesn’t love seeing adults dressed up formal acting like a bunch of hooligans? Mabye I should submit it to Awkward Family Photos? – Just kidding you guys! I had a blast!

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  1. sophia

    action shots rock!!

  2. I’m all over adults jumping for joy! And why not? SUCH a fabulous accomplishment. I find myself wanting to jump right along side them.

  3. Okay! Yup, it’s been over a year now! I remember your post about this gal living with you guys! Happy 1 year anniversary of me reading your blog! 🙂

  4. Great action shot! Have you checked out i heart faces? Everytime I enter there I think of you and how you largely inspired my new found obcession with photography. I think of you each time I think of Brent as well. Hope you’re well.