Back from Baltimore!

I just returned from Jodie Otte’s Studio Lighting Naturally workshop. It was amazing! Jodie is one of my photography idols, I have followed her work for years so it was a real treat for me to actually get to meet her in person and watch her work. She was so sweet and kind to us and a real inspiration.

One can read all the books and participate in all the discussion forms but nothing compares to physically watching someone work and explain what they are doing.  I think I learned more in two days than I have in the last year combined. Jodie is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her books Studio Lighting Naturally and Just Lighting
. She is a wealth of knowledge and she was an open book to us. Sadly this was the last workshop that she is teaching for a while but she is offering one-on-one mentoring and I recommend looking into that option if you are the “learn by doing” type like myself.

The icing on the cake was that when my mom brought Simon up for his lunch Jodie used him as a model. Here are some of the photos that she took of him during her demonstration. All I can say is WOW.




If you want to see more of the photos from the workshop check out Jodie’s blog. I have to say the that the other workshop attendees were all amazing women and it was wonderful to get to meet them and to also pick their brains and discuss photography with them. I love to talk “shop” and honestly Myles gets a bit sick of it so it’s always fun to be around a bunch of other photographers.  I also want to publicly thank my mom for making it possible for me to attend this workshop. She flew across the country with Simon and I and took care of him while I was busy learning – how awesome is she! All round it was a great experience and I think I will be on a photography high for a while!


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  1. those are awesome…just beautiful!!! See, I just felt so tickled when his amazing photographer I knew was SOOO gracious to PP a couple of my photos:) Not only is she helping me learn, but treated me to making a couple photos so pretty! Aren’t people like that just the best :):):):):):) (thanks Em)

  2. What amazing photos! I love the color and depth in them. Plus your little guy is just adorable!

  3. that’s awesome you got to attend a workshop!
    but honestly i LOVE your photos and don’t see that you need any improvements!!!
    hey, i rented that wide angle lense from
    VERY fast service! cheaper if you rent them for 3 weeks vs. one week, but i didn’t want it for that long. i really wanted to try a 14mm fixed lense, but they are never there!

  4. Kay Weaver

    It was my treat to have Simon one on one. He was as sweet as his picture and the time with him will always be treasured. He’s a very happy baby. Love, Grandma