Dr. Melissa

This post has been a long time coming…


My best friend form college (Melissa Skaugset) is in her 4th year of med school and is on rotation at Children’s hospital is Seattle. She has been living with us this month while she works in the endocrine clinic. This has been a nice rotation to have her because there is no “on call” for endocrine clinic and so she has not been insanely busy.   Simon has taken to her and loves that she reads him stories all the time.

Melissa is busy applying for residency programs and she needed a picture for her application so we took a few the other day. Nothing spectacular as the light was pretty bad but at least Eric, he husband can now remember what she looks like : )

more later

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  1. How nice for her to get to stay with you during this time. It’s probably both a blessing for her, and for you. I admire anyone who can put up with med school…wow.

  2. Eric

    Best. Post. Ever.

  3. Wow! It has been SO long since we have seen Melissa and Eric. I am very excited to read that she is finishing up med school…wow! My husband Mike said he was just thinking about them this last week b/c the Beavers killed USC, or something like that, and was wishing he could get in touch with them! I didn’t even know that she knew about my blog or read it! Please tell her I said hi and we would love to get in touch with them! I may look for them on Facebook! Oh, and thanks for the book recommendation! I will definitely check that out!! So, is there a good place to grocery shop in Moscow?? I really don’t remember; it’s been a long time since we moved from there and we definitely didn’t eat this way then!! Take care…and your pictures are beautiful!