why we went to the beach

I have been trying to get some decent six-month-old shots of Simon now for two weeks and he has been decidedly uncooperative.  I took him down to the beach on Thursday with a specific vision in my mind but we got down there late and the weather was not right  (it was very cloudy on the horizon).  That is why I was walking on the north end of the beach. I rarely go out that far.

On Friday night we packed a picnic dinner and went back down to Golden Gardens. I wanted to attempt to take photos again but also I hoped that I might see the paddleboarder. No luck on both counts. This is the third attempt at Simon’s 6 month photos, I cannot get him to look at the camera. Myles helped me but he was still very distracted. Simon is way more interested in the sand, the people playing basket ball, the tightrope walkers and all the million other activities. All my usual tricks have failed me. So I give up. This is how we will remember Simon at age 6 months.

I love the light in the evening at Golden Gardens. Just looking at it makes me feel warm. I am sure that whenever I go down there from now on I will think of Brent Sweet.

These are a few from my first attempt 2 weeks ago.


On Friday when were down at the beach I walked Myles out to the north end to show him where everything happened. It was sadly beautiful, there were a lot of sailboats out and the sun was setting behind them. A cool wind was kicking up off the water and the waves were splashing noisily on the beach. I took this last picture of the buoy in the daylight and I am sharing it now with every intention of being as sensitive as possible.

Puget Sound is one of the most beautiful places on earth and this photo
does not do it justice. It is not uncommon to see otters and orcas
playing in the waves, or to see jelly fish go floating by. Years ago we lived in Port Orchard and I would take the ferry across every morning for work. In the fall when the weather was right the sun would rise behind the city as the ferry approached – It was breathtakingly beautiful.

I have no further news about Brent Sweet, if there are any new developments I will be sure and post them here. I have been thinking a lot about what it is like to experience a news story from the other side. In the past I would read about event in the newspaper but have no real connection to people describe in the story. I think that we tend to forget that these are real people and real families being described. Please keep the Sweet family in your prayers.

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  1. Uncle Chris and Aunt Nicole

    Your son is beautiful. I am so glad that you were able to get some wonderful images of him. The light is, indeed beautifully warm and your little man is too cute for words. Thank you so much for your beautiful story, your thoughts on Brent, his family and the Puget Sound. The photo that you took of the bouy is lovely. I felt so at peace looking at your photo and thinking of Brent. He is an amazing young man and words cannot begin to express the flood of emotions that our family has been, is and will continue to go through. You have been an amazing woman who has brought some helpful details, images of the efforts that those of us who are far away had no way of imagaining until you brought them to us. A woman who has truley cared. Thank you for everything. I think that the paddle boarder was not the only who made heoric efforts that night. My husband and I are grateful for all you have done.

  2. Cara

    My thoughts are with you Emily. It would be tough to not think of that young man. The photos are still beautiful and I hope somehow they provide comfort to his family so very far away.

  3. mlk

    Thank you for your postings about Brent and for including his pictures. It helps make it real to those who may not know him. Many people in Los Alamos have been watching your blog as it seems to be the best avenue for current information. Thank you for keeping us posted.