Here comes trouble…


This is how I found Simon yesterday morning when he woke up… he’s only on his knees but he’s to little to be doing this right? He can’t even crawl yet (well not forwards anyway). Just the day before I had Myles drop the crib mattress down a notch. Just in he nick of time I guess. I woke up to him making his singing sounds and when to get him out of bed. When I opened the door I was shocked to see his little head peeking over the top railing. He was real proud of himself too. I took a few pictures and then took him out and dropped the mattress to the lowest setting. He was actually upset when I took him out of the crib. Now the mattress is so low it’s a real chore getting him in and out but if he figures out how to sand all the way up Io don’t want to risk him toppling out.

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  1. haha….totally cute:) I was lucky enough to have Lacy figure this out MUCH later. Once she could pull herself up, we did have a phase of her taking MUCH longer to get to sleep because she would play a while before dropping down and going to sleep:) Eventually things all ironed out. It’s fun to go in at night and find them in a new spot in the crib when their whole life, up till then, would stay in one spot! How cute was Simon..look at that little smile. Cutie, cutie all proud!

  2. Anonymous

    Uh oh, just in time! He does look so pleased with himself. He’s a big boy now!

  3. oh yes here comes trouble. I found maddie like this at about 6 months old maybe 7 months and she’s still not walkin yet but man can she stand LOL.

  4. Oh yes…I’ve had six and seven month olds pulling themselves up to standing. Avi was actually crawling ( hands and knees) at four months. And if someone told me their baby was doing that, I wouldn’t believe it. But she was.

  5. Kay Weaver

    I’m a big boy now, well almost. Too cute. You’re right about here comes trouble, he is learning something new everyday and nothing will be safe when he starts crawling and climbing. You’re in for a ride!

  6. bobbi

    He is so adorable..yes trouble for sure 😉 DOn’t you just love those new things stages though. BTW, I love the strips of color on yesterdays pictures and the lighting is amazing!

  7. So sweet. It’s always fun to see them progress to new stages!

  8. I love your photos Emily! So clean and perfect. I really love how you have added the color to your photos too. How do you add the strip…I am really interested in knowing as I would love to add something like that to my photos on my blog?

  9. he is too CUTE
    and that crib is adorable!!
    love these shots!!!
    thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday!
    great suggestion that i should be taking photos! i actually haven’t done ANY in 2 years for clients, except for one family that i always do every year. i am in the process of creating some business cards again and flyers. any suggestions on how to get the word out?
    i don’t want to put flyers in peoples doors really, but one teacher at the girls school asked for my brochure to pass out, so that’s cooL>!

  10. Becky (finsup)

    So cute! My kids could pull up before they could crawl too. And those beach shots of Simon are amazing!

  11. Sophia

    oh that is soooooooooo cute!! look at him!! happy baby boy. 🙂

  12. Cute cute cute!!!! Here’s my link for ya!

  13. Love those crib shots! And, your color strip is great too. Love that idea!