Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, we are still recovering from the Montero’s visit. The couple far left (Nick and Melissa), were our close friends but then they up and moved to Miami! They were in town visiting and lets … Continue reading

5 years

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. It really blows my mind that we have already been married that long it seems like it was only yesterday. To celebrate I made another slide show.You can view it  HERE. There are a … Continue reading

The Slide Show

This is my first attempt at this – so take it with a grain of HERE to view the birth slide show. (don’t worry it’s PG) Portfolio | Contact Me | Book a Session connect with us on social … Continue reading

What I did last night

I photographed a birth!Cash Allen was born this morning at 1:43 am.Big sister meet your baby brother. In reality this is what I did the last two nights as this little guy took his time making his appearance into the … Continue reading


He weighed in at only 14lbs 10.5 oz which surprised me. I thought he would be over 15 lbs. Carrying him around all the time he sure feels like he is about 20lbs. On that note I finally broke down … Continue reading

Bad blogger!

Wow I have been busy – way to busy living life to actually blog about it : )Yes Simon did win the contest – thank you to everyone who voted and helped us win by a landslide!  I am working … Continue reading